Bigben Games publishes Tour de France 2019 Announcement Trailer

Are you a sport-addictive person? Do you like bicycles? Well, this may be just the right game for you. Tour de France 2019, the game that offers the ultimate experience in bicycle racing, will put you on a new test. With a chance to experience multiple stages of the bicycle runup, players will have to settle into the Cyber profile of France, to race against each other.

Online multiplayer mode is both needed and appreciated, as Tour de France 2019 will offer the very same. The game offers a wide amount of cyclists, more precisely 761, and every single one of them will have a chance to master the recreated stages of the Tour de France route.

Not everything is AI, as the biggest move is the multiplayer mode, which allows to race against your best friends, or squad as four and try to perish out of other participant’s sight. Characteristically, everything goes well as long as you hold the 1st position on the tract.

According to the developer, Bigben Games:

Online multiplayer mode: for the first time, you can pit yourself against other cyclists over short races in an online multiplayer mode for up to four players simultaneously. For even more of an adrenalin rush, the challenges are back this year, so you can experience the thrills of descents and the intensity of sprints! It’s your chance to achieve the best times and climb your way to the top of the online rankings.

The world championships: in this new mode, players can lead a team or national team. If your cyclist’s results are good enough at the end of the season, he may be selected to represent his country in the World Championship to try and win the legendary rainbow jersey!

Below you can watch the official Announcement trailer, published by Bigben Games.

This Tour de France is more than different than its predecessors, it will offer an additional four races in which players may partake.


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