Fortbyte #100 Location, Found on the Highest Floor of the Tallest Building in Neo Tilted

Another day for another Fortbyte. Fortbyte #100 is now acquirable in Fortnite, but first, we have to designate its right destination. Being Hinted on the Highest Floor of the Tallest Building in Neo Tilted, that makes no exceptions but to head straight there, and see which one of the buildings is the tallest one. Below you can find the exact location of the Fortbyte #100 as well.

So, Neo Tilted (commonly known to every single Fortnite player), is probably the most notorious landing spot in Fortnite. With that being said, there won’t be any highlights including map images, but exactly just the location of the Fortbyte #100.

Let’s take a look at where exactly is Fortbyte #100 located. Below you can take a look at the image, in which the Fortbyte is scaled and installed. Luckily, you won’t need any additional assets from this Season’s Battle Pass to unlock it. It is accessible from the getgo, which means all you need to do is land at that exact location.

You can glide straight into the missing window pane and be in front of the Fortbyte. This Fortbyte guide has met a conclusion. There’s nothing else necessary to know except its location, so, have fun while acquiring Fortbyte #100. This will unlock another piece of the image behind the corrupted data, and will eventually lead to full disclosure, very soon.

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