Fortbyte #11 Found Beneath a Circling Jungle Parrot

These Summer days of Fortnite are surely both exhausting and exciting, knowing that you have so many things to do. Reexperience the unvaulted weapon, do summer challenges and more, that we’ve forgotten about the Fortbyte Challenges. Today’s Fortbyte #11 is found beneath a circling Jungle Parrot, at least that’s what the game’s hinting us.

The circling Jungle Parrot’s location is so far unknown to most of the Fortnite players. Epic Games has undoubtedly tried to include a suspicion but also an exploration in its requirement. Well, worry not, as we’ve already done the research and located the Circling Jungle Parrot.

The location of the Jungle Parrot is just east of the reconstructed Paradise Palms, and it can be noticed while you’re still in the air. This Jungle Parrot is flapping his wings in the beauty of the tropical area of the Fortnite island. In the image below, you can take a look at the exact Fortbyte #11 location.

The Jungle Parrot is circling in the tropical area east of the volcano, but it’s not considered to be static. The Fortbyte is located on the ground, in the patroling vicinity of the Jungle Parrot. Once you glide there, you should be able to notice the Jungle Parrot flying in circles. After that, locating Fortbyte #11 is a piece of cake. For more precise info, take a look at the image below:

To have a closer look at how the parrot looks precisely and how you could encounter it, you can watch the video below:

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