Fortbyte #14 Found within an RV park

Today’s Fortbyte #14 is found within a location that previously included a couple of Fortnite challenges. The location is somewhat unclear for most of the players, so we’re here to unveil it. Fortbyte #14 is located within an RV park. It has a huge number of RVs in it. Where could it be you ask?

The RV park is located east from Mega Mall, in a small compound full of recreational vehicles. So, buckle up, as we’re going on a camping trip very soon. Being located Northeast of Mega Mall puts the RV camp be in a sandwich between Lonely Lodge, Mega Mall and the race track above paradise palms.

With that being said, check out the map below, in which the exact location of the fortbyte is highlighted.

Now, where exactly in the RV park is the Fortbyte #14 located? Simply said, check out the zoomed perspective in the image below, in which the Fortbyte is montaged.

As you can see, it is just behind the green RV which is in the middle of the compound. That is just in line with the front left tire of the green RV. Hopefully this will cut your struggles and make you find the Fortbyte #14 a lot easier.

Have a nice Fortnite weekend everyone!

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