Fortbyte #43 Location, Accessible by wearing the Nana Nana Cape Backbling

Fortbyte #43 is now available, and we’re here to discover its location. It is similar to previous Fortnite Challenges, and it requires the player to wear the Nana Nana Cape Backbling. If not equipped, the Fortbyte won’t be available. The Nana Nana Cape Backbling is the banana peel backbling. The Fortbyte, however, is located in a Banana Stand, and we have been to that place before.

Where is Fortbyte #43 Located?

The Banana Stand is in Neo Tilted. There was a Fortbyte challenge that made us go to the Banana Stand. Therefore, we knew its position up front. It is located inside of the Banana Stand. To clear things out, we’ll post a picture below to show you how the Banana Stand looks.

What differs from the previous Fortbyte, it was located on the crossing, and today’s Fortbyte is just inside the Banana Stand. For a more precise overview on its exact location, take a look at the image below:

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