Fortbyte #78 Location, Found Within a Ranger Tower

Another day for yet another Fortbyte challenge. Today, Epic Games has just released Fortbyte #78 and as the challenge says, it is found within a ranger tower overlooking a drained lake. Well, not many lakes are found in Fortnite, and as such, we’ll have to head to Loot Lake and seek for the predestined Ranger Tower.

You are probably aware of the Ranger Tower itself and if you’re a hardcore Fortnite player you’ve probably visited the place a couple of times and even had a fight at. The ranger towers are the tall wooden buildings, usually built for a security measure and better overlook.

Where is Fortbyte #78 located?

There are a couple of them around the Fortnite map, and the challenge emphasizes to find the right one. Worry not, as we’re here to help you do that. If you look at the image below you can find the exact placement of the Ranger Tower on the north of Loot Lake.

To further clarify the exact location of the Fortbyte we’ve gone through a demo and took an exact screenshot of the location. See the image below:

The highlight above designates the exact location of the Fortbyte #78, and it is located at the very top of the ranger tower. Once you reach the top or glide onto it, make sure you enter the little hut and the Fortbyte will be there.

This puts an end to the hidden Fortbyte #78 as the guide is concluded.

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