Fortnite discovered Wave 10 of Pro-AM Participants, Week 10 Qualifier rescheduled

As we’re getting closer to the event, Epic Games has discovered another wave of famous personalities who will be teaming up with professional players in the Fortnite Pro-AM tournament. This is exactly the 10th wave of celebrities and players that will be joining the Pro-AM tournament.

However, all of this was causing a huge overlap, denying unqualified players that are supposed to be a part of the Pro-AM to miss the last chance to qualify. Therefore, Epic Games found a clear answer and decided to postpone the last week of the qualifier, rescheduling it for June 20 and 21st.

With that being said, the Pro-AM event will safely keep up its integrity, allowing some of the player pool to participate in the Week 10 qualifier, which is going to happen on June 20 and 21. This will allow a joyful Pro-AM event, in which the streamers/players/celebrities will input their toughest and try to come out as victorious.

David Goodwin

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