Fortnite Fortbyte #51 Accessible by Using the Cluck Strut Emoticon in Front of Peely’s Banana Stand

Another day for another Fortbyte challenge. This time, what differs from previous ones is that you will need to use the Cluck Strut emoticon to cross the crossing just outside of Peely’s Banana Stand. Peely’s Banana Stand is located in Neo Tilted, thanks to the most recent reconstruction. The Peely Banana stand is on the west side in Tilted, and it is hard to miss, honestly.

The crossing, however, is just outside of Peely’s Banana Stand, and the Fortbyte #51 is on the middle of the street. More about that to be shown in the images below. First, the map location:

Where is Fortbyte #51 located

The location is highlighted on the map below, however, a strong asset you will need to have ready to use. That is the Cluck Strut emote, which is a tier 31 Battle Pass collectible. Those are the new set of emotes that allow you to walk when using it.

For a more precise location of the Fortbyte #51, you can check the image below:

It cannot get simpler than this, as the fortbyte is located straight in Front of Peely’s Stand. With everything explained, this guide comes to an end. Have a nice Fortnite weekend!

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