Fortnite Leaks are slowly coming down to an end

Epic Games continues to cipher their content within each new patch, to an extent where data miners cannot delve into the files. Throughout the past, Fortnite was known for its driven integrity of data miners, in which event files were first leaked and released to the fans. With all of that being said, it will be sad to watch it go.

Nevertheless, it’s completely understandable why Epic Games wants to hide whatever they’re implementing with each patch. Having leaks to build up hype was always appreciated, but saving the integrity of the game is something different. But, does it create the same surprise factor as if no leaks were prominent? It’s a prominence the developers would love to build, drawing the same line to everyone’s knowledge

In a recent tweet, Lucas7yoshi stated that Epic Games elevated their game and started encrypting Fortnite Buildings/POIs, which confirms that leaking matter may come to an end.

Leaking in Fortnite has somewhat become a real-time job for data miners across the world, in which they dedicate a lot of spare time to inform the public of whatever new is coming out. Cosmetics, Wraps, Challenges, and live events that are on the verge of appearance.

It is sad to hear that everything of that is diminishing slowly, while it remains permanent in most of the online video games on the market. Based on that, the breakdown of the next live event will be first drawn upon an official announcement. That will acquire players to enter the game and observe it instead of getting it prior to the event.

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