Fortnite Pro-Am 2019 Official Top 10 Standings

As we’re committed to covering the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, we’re also committed to facing today’s Fortnite Pro-Am tournament. Currently, the tournament is still ongoing, and the leaderboards are in the shaping phase. Below you can find the top 10 Pro-AM Participants and their effort written within a table.

The first match of the Fortnite Pro-Am has concluded. With that being said, we have the winner who pushed himself on the top of the scoreboard with a huge margin. With 16 kills onboard, Airwaks and Grime have won the first match of the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament.

The second match has just finished and the winner is Aydan and Lost Kings. Being one of the unique gamepad players, Aydan has managed to eliminate the whole lobby and achieve victory.

The third match belongs to Typical Gamer and Jimmy O Yang with his super end finish within an inch left of the closing storm. That puts them among the top 10, and 1 last match to play.

The fourth match was a decider between Symfuhny and Ayden, for Symfuhny to become the last man standing. With that being said, we’re about to discover the winner of tonights’ Fortnite Pro-Am Tournament.

Being addressed as an entertainment event before everything else, the end-game still spices the momentum between the remaining professionals in the match. It remains to be seen who of the celebrities will have the best chemistry with the selected professional players.

With the third match finished, below you can find the current Fortnite Pro-Am TOP 10 players.

Position Player Name Wins Eliminations Points Prize
1 RL Grime + Airwaks 1 29 53 $1,000,000
2 Aydan + Lost Kings 1 27 49 $500,000
3 Tfue + Josh Hart 0 21 38 $250,000
4 Nick Eh 30 + Joey Bosa 0 27 35 $100,000
5 BuckeFPS + Kenneth F 0 19 33 $85,000
6 Symfuhny + Jordan V.R 1 10 32 $75,000
7 Kayuun + Nick S 0 15 32 $65,000
8 Meyers L + Jarvis 0 15 25 $55,000
9 Lachlan + Cody Walker 0 10 25 $40,000
10 Typical Gamer + Jimmy o Yang 1 14 24 $30,000

Congrats to RL Grime and Airwaks for striking the winning blow at this year’s Fortnite Pro-Am tournament for a charity of their choice.

Note: The table is developing according to the live announcement on Fortnite’s Official Twitch Channel. The article will be facing changes as the event progresses through.

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