Fortnite Week 6 Season 9 Secret Battle Star Swapped with Fortbyte #2 – Location

This is the second time in 4 weeks Epic Games drops a substitution to the Battle Star or Secret Banner. So there is another way of acquisition that leads to additional Fortbytes. Either way, the location of the hidden Fortbyte can be found on the Loading Screen for Week 6, which can be seen below:

The image above clearly pinpoints a building with a holographic image behind it. With that being said, there’s only one place you could think about and that is Neo Tilted. Neo Tilted is the fanciest out of all reconstruction performed in Season 9, and only there we can locate holograms such as showcased on the image above.

Where exactly is this building in Neo Tilted? Well, we have an answer to that. Check the image below:

If you’re seeking for insurance, make sure you check Gatu’s recent video about the Secret Battle Star being replaced by Fortbyte #2.

David Goodwin

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