Fortnite Week 7 Season 9 Secret Battle Star Location

As in each week in Fortnite, after completing the set of challenges, you will be greatly rewarded. Especially in each odd week during the course in Season 9, in which players get a chance to acquire additional Battle Pass Tier by just collecting the Secret Battle Star. For Week 7, we have the Secret Battle Star hidden in the Loading Screen, as in any other week.

First, let’s take a look at the loading screen for Week 7, which can be seen below:

On the left side of the picture, the Battle Star can be easily noticed. It is on the left side of the image. The background environment of the Loading Screen for Week 7 reminds us of a recently reconstructed zone. With that being said, let’s take a look of that particular location. Take a look at the image below, in which the area of the Secret Battle Star is highlighted.

Yes, the background on the Loading Screen for Week 7 represents exactly Pressure Plant, where the secret Battle Star is located. Once we go there and explore the area up close, we can accurately reflect the given content within the Week 7 Loading Screen. Therefore, the Secret Battle Star is located on the staircase just next to the dam.

For a more precise location of the location, make sure you check the image below, in which the Battle Star can be correctly seen on the second level of the staircase. Check the image below for a more precise overview. To enlarge the photograph, click on it.

Fortnite Week 7 Season 9 Secret Battle Star

With that being said, you now know the exact location of the Secret Battle Star for Week 7 of Season 9. Hopefully, this little guide will cut your struggles when you complete the list of challenges assigned for Week 7.


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