Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 8 Finals NA East Duos Top 10 Standings

Now that the Fortnite World Cup Week 8 is undergoing and the EU qualifier finals are finished, it is time for the US East. The second best and most favorite zone in the Fortnite community, with a chance to receiving the grandest prize at the final event held in New York. Fortnite Week 8 NA East is about to begin in which popular US streamers will take places, such as Ninja, Tfue, Cloak Reverse2k and more.

Epic Games effort on the upcoming World Cup has been simply godlike. They’ve done anything in their power to entertain the fans across the whole world, but also give every player a chance to participate in the qualifier.

US East is mostly composed of Streamers and will be fun to see if those who didn’t qualify in the past weeks are going to stream the event live. As time goes by, the possibility of qualifying narrows by quite a lot. With that being said, this is the second last chance for them to punch a ticket to New York, with the last chance being in Week 10.

As always, we will be covering the top 10 and list the players who manage to qualify for the final event in New York. So, below you can see the table for the top 10 NA East Fortnite World Cup Qualifier for Week 8.

√ – Players Qualified in Week 8.

Position Player Name Points Prize
1 Bolt Tetchra + Bolt Eclipsae 94 $10000
2 RoAtDW + E11 BlooTea 94 $8000
3 code ronaldo + XXiF 91 $6500
4 NutΨ + Tuexy. 84 $5000
5 chanse + Impact Smqcked 84 $4500
6 Secret Fuzzy + Hogmanlolz 84 $4000
7 TF Cole + Legedien 83 $3500
8 FaZe Megga. + FaZe Dubs. 83 $3000
9 Hornet + tickrss 82 $2500
10 Nittle GG + casqer 81 $2000

The results above vary according to Epic Games’ official leaderboards.

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