Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 9 Finals EU Top 10 Standings

Fortnite Finals have begun, and this is the 9th week in total to provide a fresh set of fun. The event started in the EU region, in which players compete for the top 8 spots in Solos. It is hard to get to the designated place, and most likely won’t get there without a true dedication. Fortnite’s Week 9 World Cup Qualifier Finals started, and as we’re getting towards its end, it’s getting even more interesting to watch.

EU as a region offers a good amount of professional players, in which some of them is benjyfishy, MrSavage, Mongraal and Mitr0. Some of them are still playing week-per-week even though they’ve managed to already qualify before.

With a huge viewership and count like never seen in any other game before, Fortnite has a huge potential to become one of the best video game. Playing in solos, this week is supposed to be fun to watch as the success mostly relies on skills rather than communication. Honestly said, some of the EU players have mind baffling skills.

As in each previous week, we’re here to announce the top 10 players on the current table, and notify the qualifiers For Week 9 World Cup Qualifier Finals EU. Below you can find out more information regarding the same.

TOP 10 standings for Fortnite Week 9 NA East World Cup Qualifier Finals in Solo gameplay.

  • √ – Players Qualified in Week 9.
Position Player Name Points Prize
1 Xypher Endretta 70 $10000
2 VHV Crue 69 $8000
3 LeStream Skite 67 $6000
4 LYGHT ツ 63 $5000
5 Secret_Mongraal 63 $4500
6 Emqu 62 $4000
7 dMIND.teeq 61 $3500
8 LeStream Blaxou 61 $3000
9 zull- 60 $2500
10 Fnatic Pr-vokd 60 $2000

The table above varies following Epic Games’ official scoreboard.

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