Fortnite’s Polar Peak Monster is swimming around the island

Players have noticed strange behavior in Fortnite, where the main activity involves the Polar Peak monster itself. During the existence of Polar Peak, no one even knew there’s a monster within. Yes, there was speculation about it, but without certainty. If you remember, the Monster first appeared after the Volcano Eruption affected a part of it, which resulted in slight destruction of the ice.

While the ice melt continued, a small crack appeared at the very bottom of Polar Peak, discovering a huge eyeball focusing at any living being. Devastating series of sounds have also surfaced, scarring the players on the map.

Shortly after, Polar Peak completely crashed, freeing the monstrosity within. Well, according to Fortnite players, we are at another stage of the live event, in which the Monster is being noticed swimming in the water around the island.

Lately, a player has noticed a “swimming Castle” surfacing in the ocean. If we connect the strings altogether, it is a word about the monster swimming in the ocean. The Castle is on its back simply because the monster was chained to it.

Shortly after its first notice, the monster dived deep into the ocean. But, we still know that the castle is attached to the monster, so open your eyes for any future appearance. You can find its first look at Reddit.

Spotted the Sea Monster swimming around with Polar Peak from FortNiteBR

While everything sounds scary, this may be an indicator of another live event, with a possible skin and Backblinb coming in the future.

FortTory, a known Fortnite data miner has also published a closer look of the Castle, without a look of the monster itself. You can find it below:

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