Fortnite’s upcoming Ice Cream Cone consumable is available in Playgrounds

Sometimes the new content coming to Fortnite is first discovered either in Replay Mode or Playgrounds. This sensation has occurred multiple times throughout the past but is also happening at this current moment. The Ice Cream Cone will be a Health replenishment consumable, which will grant 5 Health Points upon usage.

Below you can find a video of the Ice Cream Cone available in Playgrounds mode, posted by FortTory, a famous Fortnite Data Miner.

As seen in the video, the Ice Cream consumable won’t be any different than the already present ones. Similar to the Coconuts, Bananas, and Peppers, the consumable will have the same effect, replenishing the imbiber with a little amount of HP.

We have just jumped for a quick session to check if the Ice Cones are currently available in Playgrounds. Yes, they are available, and they only restore HP upon usage. The Ice Cream Cone consumables aren’t available to use at full HP.

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