Harry Potter Wizards Unite Pros and Cons

The latest game coming from the creators of Pokemon GO, called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set in a world that is created after the events in the movie called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Something unseen, unexplained has dispersed many magical objects around the Muggle world. You as a player, are a part of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force and you must find out what this thing, called Calamity is, find traces of magic and put together the items you find along your path.

The game is out for less than a week now, and we already made a list of pros and cons to help you decide if Harry Potter Wizards Unite is worth your time.


  • The game has 3D models, it looks similar to the movie
  • The game as a whole has a very dark vibe, but something that we liked is the work of the artists
  • The part of the game with the potion making is quite cool, it immediately drew our attention towards it. We wish we could make more of them
  • The detail with the owls flying around in the map is a point plus for the game
  • The voice acting is nice, but we wish the game would offer us an option to turn off all sounds except the voice acting


  • Some of the cons of the game are that it is entirely dark, it has a dark map, dark background. It is meant to be played outside during the day, so we would advise the developers to brighten the game
  • The game also has a small text. When we tried to read while walking in the daylight, our eyes started hurting. Please make the text bigger
  • The greenhouse system is very bad. We spent a lot of energy just trying to understand how the game worked and afterward did not get anything from it. The tasks given in the game look more like a chore than a challenge or encouragement. The players waste their time, and for it get a little reward that does not cover it
  • The money to gold conversion is not like in PoGO. In this game, 1 dollar equals 80, while in PoGO 1 dollar is 100
  • The shop options are up there in price, the menu is buried within a menu
  • Ironically enough, on the terms, there is an “ease of navigation”
  • The division of stops into inn, greenhouse, and fortress are ridiculous
  • The ones that live in an area that has only one, they cannot play the game
  • This automatically means that the players from rural areas will not be coming to this game. We advise the developers to merge stops into both inn and greenhouse, which would boost the popularity of this game
  • What is the point of energy? It limits the players to go outside to play the game. If you really want this game to succeed, please take out this system and change it with another one, where the players will get rewarded for playing the game.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is still a ‘fresh’ mobile game and we hope to see some of the ‘bad’ things fixed very soon.

Harry Potter WU is now available for Android and iOS.

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