Modern Revolver Coming to Fortnite BR Soon

There a new weapon coming in town, and you better be ready for it. The new section update has showcased that a new Revolver is coming to Fortnite, and will most likely land with the next patch. Epic Games is planning to further spice up the Fortnite arsenal by adding more weapons. The coming gun will probably represent a hand cannon that will pack a definite hit.

What’s more interesting is that the weapon hasn’t been leaked before, meaning Epic Games had probably got the weapon encrypted in some of their packs. Most likely, there will be even stronger encryptions in the future that will strain data miners’ access to some of the Fortnite assets.

For that, we’ll have to wait and see what they’re about to say when the next patch arrives.

According to the Message Of The Day:


Simple, Reliable, Powerful. Some things never get old.

According to the picture itself included in the downloaded content in the Fortnite directory, the Revolver is entitled as Modern. If we compare it to the vaulted one, this is by far more modern as, as it probably follows why Epic Games has named it as such.

What are your opinions on the revolver? Will it pack a punch and be one shot headshot weapon? In any case, we’re looking forward to it.

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