New Weapons coming to Fortnite 9.30, Airstrike and Drum Shotgun

Yes, you’ve heard it well, as data miners have already found the new weapons scheduled to arrive in Fortnite during patch 9.30. If you believed that Epic Games has put an end to the ShotGuns, you’re wrong, because a better, a scarier one is coming to the game.

Yes, Both the Drum Shotgun and Airstrike Item will be coming to the game, as data mined in patch 9.30. Being able to eliminate to somewhat remotely eliminate a player by dropping bombs onto him will be extra funny to see, while the Drum Shotgun looks very impressive.

Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of impact these two weapons will bring to the game. You can find them both below:

It is quite certain that the airstrike item won’t be allowed in professional matches, but the drum shotgun will probably will, and to be honest it looks very scary. It will probably be a Shotgun coming only in Legendary rarity. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly is going to happen.

David Goodwin

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