PlayStation is finally implementing DualShock 4 Controllers on iOS and Apple Arcade

Well, it definitely took a while to do so, but definitely better late than never. Dualshock 4 controllers on iOS devices will become a reality. The support was in the works as Apple has previously announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference. PlayStation, on the other side, has also confirmed the matter on their official Twitter profile.

This will allow consumers to sync their favorite controller with the device of their choice, more precisely iPad, Apple TV and Apple Cell phones.

It was previously confirmed that the Apple Arcade Service also has plans to support both the PS4 and Xbox One controllers on their platform, so it would become more robust for its consumers. As such, DualShock 4 and Xbox One will both work on Apple Arcade, allowing the users of the service to opt in with their preferred gamepad.

Why better late than never? Simply because the DualShock 4 controllers have been implemented and work on Android for a long time. All of this because of Apple Arcade, which at the end of the day puts us in a strange evaluating position.

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