Riot Games’ upcoming League of Legends Auto Chess is Named Teamfight Tactics

Auto Chess games are getting very popular nowadays, especially after the Dota 2 Auto Chess mod which has grown into a sensation. Therefore, not only Riot Games is wanting to jump on board, but more developing companies are interested in the same. However, Riot Games’ edition is coming out and will be named Teamfight Tactics.

However, during E3 2019, Riot Games has announced that a League of Legends Auto Chess game mode is in the works. Finding inspiration in Dota’s Auto Chess will surely offer the same characteristics as the mod, but it will use its own champions as an advantage.

Therefore, Races, Classes, Abilities, Specs, and more things will be added, but the core gameplay will remain a resemblance to Dota’s Auto Chess. League of Legends auto chess will probably introduce some advanced features.


Auto Chess is a simple game mode to play, it doesn’t require a set of skills but it does require knowledge. The learning curve depends on the game itself. In Auto Chess, all you need to do is combine a set of heroes, races, classes, and a variety of items that are dropped after neutral rounds that are taken against NPCs. Teamfight Tactics will be the same, but instead of a traditional chess board, will offer a hexagonal one.

After each lost round, the player takes damage according to how many enemy heroes are left on the chess board. It definitely sounds simple, but hard to manage as you get towards late game, you’ll probably get access to some of the more powerful champions.

The same will happen in Teamfight Tactics, and the gameplay cannot differ by a huge margin.

According to the official website:

You’ll spend gold in the store before each round to recruit League champions to your team. Throughout the game, your team will become more powerful as you draft champions that share origins and classes to unlock trait bonuses. Additionally, you can combine three duplicates of the same champ to upgrade them into a super version of themselves, and combine three supers to create the ultimate version.

Your team will then travel to an opponent’s board (or they will come to you) and a battle will unfold. During combat, your champions will move, attack, and cast spells automatically. Just like in League, you’ll need to choose a team comp and position your champs wisely to unlock their full potential.

At the end of each round you’ll earn gold to spend in future rounds. Occasionally, everyone will gather for a special event and draft from a single line-up of champions of varying strengths. Players will pick in the reverse order of their current standing, giving the players falling behind the chance to make a comeback. Win teamfights consistently to avoid losing health and deal damage to your opponents. Outlast everyone else to win, and don’t forget to spam your emotes along the way.

Teamfight Tactics is the new auto chess that promises a lot of entertainment, and it promises to be different than the already existing Auto Chesses games/modes.

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