Solid Compilation of Indie Games Showcased at E3 2019

As in each previous E3 event, there are indie games being showcased within a compilation of videos, passing by without a designated speech. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish the good ones, and speaking of E3, Indie Games fall into the shadows compared to the Triple-A titles. But like every year, they have had an impact on us, especially some of the good titles.

A lot of them were showcased indeed, but they mostly manage to go under the radar, which is under everyone’s attention.

As we’re looking forward to them, whether is on the PC or Xbox, let’s take a look compilation of Indie Games showcased at E3 2019. Indie games may not be as breathtaking as others but could offer a good set of fun to all of the gamers across the world.

Below you can find the Xbox Compilation of Indie Games:

Kinda Funny Games showcase compilation of Indie Games:

David Goodwin

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