Teamfight Tactics Open Beta slowly but surely becomes available in all regions

North American players may delve into the fun a bit earlier than other regions in the world. As announced, Riot Games has released its Chess game, Teamfight Tactics, and it’s currently available in Open Beta. The game is now available in the North American region, but other areas are scheduled to receive it too.

Being free-to-play, Teamfight Tactics welcomes both newcomers and League of Legends veterans, who arguably possess a better knowledge. To sign yourself and get Open Beta access of Teamfight Tactics, make sure you visit the official website.

Having the possibility to fight and outsmart seven other players with a direct clash between chess boards makes the game more reaching than just using a copy of other tables such as in other similar games. However, if there is an even number of players remaining, one always fights with a copy of other’s boards.

Below you can find complete info of when Teamfight Tactics is going to arrive in other regions as well:

Timeline (Pacific Timezone)

  • This is the plan, and exact timing may vary.

Tuesday (6/25)

  • Note: There’ll be a Level 10 requirement for TFT on the first day and game starts will be throttled.
  • OCE
  • JP

Wednesday (6/26)


  • NA


  • TR
  • RU

Thursday (6/27)

  • TH
  • PH
  • SG
  • KR
  • VN
  • TW

Friday (6/28)

  • BR
  • LAN
  • LAS

Missions and Modes:

In some regions, (NA,EUW/N, KR, VN, TW, LAN and LAS) TFT’s missions and client hub will be enabled one week after the mode is released. We want to be sure that the tasks and beta pass are functioning as intended. We don’t want you to think you’ve completed missions to get your free Little Legend only to have them break. Once we’re confident that everything is working, we’ll get the pass and missions to all regions. Note: you will not earn progress towards the free “Beta Pass” until this system is up and running. This means that your free Little Legend, emotes, icon, and board skin will be delayed.

Level Cap

TFT will be temporarily restricted to level 10+ accounts on the OCE and JP servers.

General Measures

We’re doing a few things in all regions to help with the expected increase in server load.

  • Transfers are disabled until July 1st
  • Practice Tool is disabled
  • Custom modes are limited to 10 players minimum

We understand that some of these changes will have a significant impact on many of you. We’re excited to get TFT into your hands, so thank you for your patience as we get this thing out the door.

According to the developers:

The new TFT mode will receive support and updates as it progresses through open beta. It is launching with 50 League of Legends champions in its roster. Near-term planned updates for TFT include; a mission and beta pass system targeted to go live next week, which includes the opportunity to earn a free Little Legend (player avatar), board skins, player icons, and emotes; and a ranked mode which is currently planned to launch as part of Patch 9.14 in July. More details on these additions to the mode, as well as future additions, will be shared soon.

Overall, these kinds of games are making a huge swing in the gaming industry, and it won’t be weird to see other triple-A developers shackle their most popular characters from strong franchises into creating a board game. Blizzard could potentially be the developer of another Auto Chess, simply because of having the assets and iconic characters at hand. It’s never too late and you never know who else will join the Auto Chess family.

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