Ubisoft confirms the Watch Dogs Legion Leak as Truthful

If you remember a couple of days ago, there was a leak on Amazon about a coming Watch Dogs sequel. More precisely, Watch Dogs Legion, in which players will be taken on a journey to a new place set in London. Thanks to its strong surveillance, Dystopian Post-Brexit London is just the right location for the continuation of Watch Dogs. What’s even more exciting is that players will be eligible for playing with all the NPCs found within the open-world.

Knowing that Rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, Ubisoft did cut the struggles of all the fans by discovering the recent leak as truthful, which confirms a third Watch Dogs Title is on its way. In a recent tweet, Ubisoft has allegedly claimed the arrival of Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion has become the official name of the official profile, asking for God to save all the NPCs. They also stated that the first reveal is imminent during this year’s E3. Hype overload you’d say?

Now that we know Watch Dogs Legion is slated for a reveal during E3 2019, other questions are boggling us. Such as, which digital reseller will become as the main one, now that we have the Epic Games Store in play? Well, knowing that The Division 2 swapped its PC client and chose the Epic Games Store over Steam, it is highly likely to see Watch Dogs Legion coming on the Epic Games Store as well.

Numbers don’t lie, and that is a fact. The revenue share policy would be much more beneficial for Ubisoft if they place the product on Epic Games, rather than on Steam.

Which of the characters in the series are about to re-appear in Watch Dogs Legion remains unknown. However, we’d love to see Aiden as most of the fans do, and hopefully, we’ll get the first insight on that matter during E3 2019.

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