Valve is seeking for 3D Artists for Dota Underlords

Valve, or more precisely, the Dota Underlords team is seeking for local 3D Artists for an immediate short term. The job listing will probably contribute to a lot faster development of the game, which the dev team needs at this current moment.

The only barrier is that the 3D Artist has to be a resident of the Seattle/Bellevue, WA area before any further steps are taken. This requirement has been announced on Twitter by a Valve Developer, Adam. He openly asked for any 3D Artists residing in the area mentioned above, which may result in an immediate short term contract.

The Dota Underlords team is looking for local 3D artists for immediate short term, on-site contract work! Interested 3D artists residing in the Seattle/Bellevue, WA area should email a portfolio link to: [email protected]

Below you can find the official Tweet.

Some leaks have already appeared on the internet, claiming that Valve had already planned the Battle Pass but also a variety of Dota Underlords cosmetics. Similar to what Dota 2 has, the game will offer different Boards which will probably become purchasable with real money.

Therefore, Dota Underlords will contain microtransactions, upon which Valve will capitalize. Being the only way for a revenue, Dota Underlords will most likely release for free and will become available to the public as an Open Beta version very soon.

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