Where to Visit three different Clock Towers in Fortnite?

Three clock towers in Fortnite, you say? Everyone knows the one in Neo Tilted being there forever, even before the reconstruction. But where are the other two clock towers? They are easy to notice, and all you need is the area in which the clock towers are located. Let’s take a look where are they exactly in the guide below.

The Clock Towers are usually tall structures, at least that’s what we remember of before the mayhem at the end of Season 8. One of the Clock Towers, however, is not in a healthy state, and it’s completely destructed. The building is ruined, and the clock is detached and found on the ground. It is the very same building from “Tilted Towers”, moved somewhere else on the map.

We will post an image of all three locations of the Clock Towers in Fortnite. For a better understanding of their positioning, check the image below:

The clock towers are very easy to notice, and as soon as you get close to the location, you will be able to see them. But, the one at Junk Junction is a bit tricky and confusing. That one is ruined, so we will post a close-up picture from it so you could know which building exactly we’re talking about.

As you can see in the picture above, the clock is on the ground. With that being said, we have concluded all three Clock Tower Locations in Fortnite. Sadly, there are no others, and should you delve towards their completion, be our guest! Have a lovely Fortnite weekend!

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