Who needs Arma 4 when you have DayZ Deathmatch server?

I believe most of you reading this would find the question answered, and if you’re eagerly waiting for Bohemia Interactive to announce Arma 4, you should maybe try and surround the necessity with Grumpy’s Deathmatch server in DayZ. Knowing Bohemia Interactive does what it’s considered best in the military sim category, hopping into a deathmatch server in DayZ may be more fun than you could ever imagine.

Despite that, the default survival servers could induce a lot of boredom due to lack of action. But, worry not, because you’ll have the chance to retaliate that on a completely different server, more attractive one. Once joined, you will pretty much relive the fun you had during the early Arma 3 days by spawning with a fresh loadout after each death.

At least for me, this mod surely narrowed the hunger for Arma 4, and will probably be a dedicated choice of mine for the next time being. At least until Arma 4 comes out, then we can talk about in more details.

How to connect to Grumpy OB Deathmatch servers?

To put yourself in this PvP environment, all you need to do is search for “Grumpy” in the server manager. Just make sure you’re at the community “TAB” first. We will post an image showing how exactly you’ll be able to find the servers. Check the image below, using a couple of filters that will allow you to designate the Grumpy OB server.

Connecting to these servers may be very useful, knowing the fact that it could potentially teach you a lot of the gunplay. Honestly, the raw DayZ servers do not offer the same type of action and adrenaline. Therefore, we’d suggest you join Grumpy’s Deathmatch servers with infinite respawns and different loadouts at the same, especially if you’re a newer player.

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