Xbox Scarlett and PS5 to offer Ray Tracing for better Visual Fidelity

The initial specs of both Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles are in no denial of their possibilities to enhance the graphics. They both can offer improved graphics as their power of supporting ray tracing has been announced. Currently, Ray Tracing is only available on the PCs thanks to the RTX GPUs.

This will become a reality for all of the console players very soon, as Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will support proper Ray Tracing, including more powerful hardware than today’s known. Ray Traced rendering will indeed create more significant interest among game developers, only because it will allow them to develop proper reflections and shadows with ease.

Having the possibility to stream and play with 8k resolutions and 120FPS admittedly honestly sounds like the next generation. This will further spice the gaming industry and each developing company in any of their creations, as well as the need to impress the consumers.

However, we’ll have to see the impact of the Ray Tracing technology being implemented on the consoles. The pre-release hype has always been on a high level, but what happens, in the end, it doesn’t necessarily align with everything during the early marketing.

In any case, the incremental phase of the Rendering fidelity won’t stop. It will enhance the consumers with a strong vision and will improve the gameplay experience by far.

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