CoD Modern Warfare Player Perks Leaked

A youTuber has managed to compile a list of perks to be available in Modern Warfare

Activision’s upcoming Modern Warfare as an addition to the CoD series will include a very well known feature to nowadays games. Yes, Perks will be available in the forthcoming title CoD Modern Warfare, which denies the fact of potential and robust military sim.

Nevertheless, a YouTuber going under the name TheGamingRevolution has somehow managed to compile a list of perks that are possibly coming to Modern Warfare this summer — starting from Gun Perks to player Perks. They will be available in the game and will offer a pure player boost, just as in any other video game.

But, this inevitably ruins the previous statement that Modern Warfare will be close to what we see nowadays in Military Shooters. Not all of them offer perks, as it describes the real-life environment in a narrower margin. With these perks, that wouldn’t be a thing.

Below you can find the set of perks that are seemingly coming to Modern Warfare.

  • Scavenger – Pick up ammo from bodies
  • Cold-Blooded – Immune to UAV’s
  • Munitions – Replace secondary weapon with a primary
  • High Alert – On-screen alert when an enemy spots you
  • Tune-Up – Carry another lethal piece of equipment
  • Restock – Recharges lethal and tacticals
  • Double Time – Adds to the duration of sprinting
  • Spotter – Highlights enemy equipment
  • Battle Hardened – Reduce effects of flashbangs
  • Heavy Metal – Earn killstreaks by using killstreaks
  • Shrapnel – More damage with grenades
  • EOD – Reduce grenade damage
  • Hunter – See enemy footprints
  • Warhead – Reload RPG quicker
  • Bounty Hunter – Claim another player’s killstreak towards your own
  • Ghost – TBD

Gun Perks:

  • Skulker (Increases crouch movement speed)
  • Perk for Snipers (Allows them to have infinite breath when aiming through the scope)
  • Sleight of Hand (Quicker reload speed)
  • Super Sonic (An array of bullets fly around enemies in an effort to disorientate them)
  • Mo’ Money (Players will receive more XP for headshots)
  • Bayonet (Attaches a melee to your gun)
  • Ricochet (This makes your bullets ricochet off terrain)
  • Sensor (Allows enemy shots to appear on the minimap)
  • Glacial (Bullets cause enemies to slow down a little)
  • Shrapnel Shots (Causes enemies regeneration to be delayed slightly)
  • FMJ (Allows bullets to penetrate surfaces more easily)

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below!


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