DayZ’s development stalls the 1.04 console update

No update will be developed on the consoles due to issues

DayZ, the most strict, realistic but also demanding survival video game out there cannot deliver their latest update on the consoles due to some issues. The developers have expressed their feeling regarding the matter on Twitter, embracing the future a designated place for the 1.04 update.

Bohemia Interactive has discovered some problems during the PlayStation submission, which led the developers to stall the 1.04 update deployment on both of the platforms.

To mitigate the consequences, the developers have decided to give away a free copy of DayZ for both the Xbox and PlayStation users. The salty factor in this decision is that the Xbox submission has successfully gone through. It is a process that the developers need to deal with before releasing new content on both of the consoles.

This puts the Xbox users into a box as well. To make it fairer between the console users without any further frustration, Bohemia Interactive have to wait for a successful submission on the PS platform before the patch releases on the both consoles.

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