DOOM Eternal will showcase its new Multiplayer “Battlemode” at QuakeCon 2019

We’re getting closer to July 26, the day when QuakeCon takes place. This year, unlike others, DOOM Eternal will probably take a more significant spot than Quake itself, knowing that it’s the more favorable title at this current moment and it’s in the works.

Ahead of its official release, the developers have discovered that a new multiplayer game mode will be showcased at this year’s QuakeCon, and that is Battlemode. The announcement came from the official Doom profile on Twitter. Bethesda and id Software are allegedly trying to include a strong and robust multiplayer in which the players would feel satisfied.

Below you can take a look at the official Tweet.

Moreover, to take a peek at the whole schedule, make sure you visit Bethesda’s official website. Fans of the Doom series, worry not, as you’re about to discover a whole new world full of excitement.

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