Dota 2’s new Battle Pass Game Mode “Wrath of the Mo’rokai” is broken

Lifestealer pickers, it's your lucky day

Wrath of the Mo’rokai is the new game mode in Dota 2 as a part of the Battle Pass treaty. All of the battle pass owners can delve into the new game mode, who seemingly is very broken at this moment. People can abuse picking Lifestealer to infest into the Mo’rokai beast and get all the benefit from his items by selling them.

Mo’rokai is pretty much a regular game of Dota 2, with the inclusion of some other elements and gameplay features. As you progress throughout the gameplay, you gather essences that can be used on the spawning beast on your team. You can use essences to upgrade him so that he becomes more significant, therefore stronger.

One detail that Valve missed was the items on the Mo’rokai beast. Their price is hilariously high, and since they’re shareable, two heroes can become very rich and contribute the earned gold towards getting the most expensive items.

This bug has gone under the radar and Valve probably hasn’t even tested it. A colossal frustration has already been exposed to the official Subreddit of Dota 2. Players are expressing their insanity after playing the game mode.

The frustration made does not incentivize the bug at all, but just the game mode, criticizing it for its unoriginality.

New Morokai mode is absolute dogshit from DotA2

How does this bug work?

It is very straightforward. Basically, who picks Lifestealer first, wins the game. There’s nothing that could counter this, not the Mo’rokai itself. This is due to his abundance once his items are taken away.

Once Lifestealer gets to level 12, he can infest the Mo’rokai (we do believe even the enemy team one). All you need to do is endure your timing until you get to level 12. Once acquired, you can infest the Mo’rokai beast when it’s active, take control over him and drop his items on the ground.

Then, you pick up his items, Boots and Chainmail, and sell them. One of the items can be also shared with your teammates too. This is the game-breaking factor in Wraith of the Mo’rokai. This will pretty much be the winning decider for any team that has Lifestealer.

What’s even more blatant is that there’s not even a ban phase so that teams could ban Lifestealer during the picking phase. So, good luck dealing with that too.

The Mo’rokai boots cost like 99,999 gold, while the Mo’rokai chainmail costs 49,999. This is more than enough to become a six slotted hero, run around and destroy the enemy team.

Our advice to all of you is not to play this game mode until Valve fixes it. Valve surely needs to push an update and deal with the Wrath of the Mo’rokai game mode and its misconceptions. No more upsets are required, especially when it’s a word about a paid game mode, which comes together with the battle pass. Not only that it reminds the players of similar game modes released in the past, but also frustrates them with the annoying game-breaking bug.

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