Epic and Legendary Tactical Shotgun coming to Fortnite soon

Epic Games will spice up the weapon arsenal just before the World Cup

As we’re heading towards the world cup, Epic Games has decided to add new weapons to the already existing arsenal. Fortnite is about to receive a brand new gun, and that is yet another Shotgun, coming in two rarities, Epic and Legendary.

The latest MOTD in Fortnite pinpoints the first look of the new Shotgun, which arguably seems quite devastating. According to the news section, the description of the upcoming Shotgun is as follows:

Tactical Shotgun

Get up close and personal with the new Epic and Legendary variants of the tactical Shotgun!

This new weapon will probably have a significant impact on the game, after the multiple changes made in the same weapon category, shotguns. The shotguns in Fortnite are allegedly the most used close combat weapons, and they are somewhat mandatory for each professional player.

Knowing that Epic Games started adopting strong encryptions for their upcoming content, this announcement came out of nowhere, without a single nibble of data leaked.

What do you think about the coming Shotgun in Fortnite? Will the new Tactical Shotgun be a party breaker due to his rare loot tables, or will it become available for everyone during each match session? It undoubtedly remains to be seen over the coming period, when the weapon gets a complete release in Fortnite.

For now, we can speculate its impact on the game, and whether or not the weapon will become a part of the summer meta. It is also unknown if the new tac shotgun’s existence will remain through the World Cup, which is about to occur very soon.

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