Escape From Tarkov’s 0.12 will be an Epic Patch according to BSG

Migration to Unity 2018 could bring only beauty

As you know, the hardcore survival military sim shooter is going through a rough phase at this period. Not sharp as you think, but rather a period where everything goes towards the greater good. As you know, Patch 0.12 is about to be released, and that on a completely different version of the Unity Engine.

The migration process is still ongoing, as the Battlestate Games developers are working on it with full power, without taking any free weekends. According to the developers, this patch is going to be Epic. It will also include the Hideout feature for the first time after its announcement long ago.

Moreover, the new and upgraded version of the engine will most likely overhaul quite a lot of assets, so that players could get the best feeling and gameplay experience. But one thing remains in mystery, that is held in secret by Battlestate Games.

In a recent Reddit thread, they’ve stated something about a BIG thing. Is this where Escape From Tarkov hits the Open World mark? We know that the community is eager to enumerate the knowledge and start comparing Tarkov to other Open World survival shooters such as DayZ.

Currently, its mild mechanics and weapon modification are at the very best of what could a video game offer. But, knowing that all of the maps are somewhat connected between each other and barriers separate them, we may witness their removal. That would probably be the most significant step in terms of content when combined with the hideout feature, and it’s probably perfect for BSG to take this approach.

Below you can see all of the changes coming to Tarkov with update 0.12.

Privet, rebyatishki!

Yes, this patch is huge, yes, we are sorry that it’s getting long. We are working without weekends right now, so it’s all and everything about getting things done right now.

So, status update.

  • unity 2018 migration, optimizations, fixes. Thanks to our friends in Unity team lately we got a lot of new info on how we can optimize game better for 0.12. Together we discovered several unity based problems that we gonna fix together.
  • hideout – base mechanics are done, visuals are done. Crafting and area bonuses in progress.
  • new map – mil base. Current status – continuing polishing and optimization, lightning adjusting also.
  • stationary weapon mechanics. KORD (actually it’s UTES. Almost the same machinegun) is done. Switched to train EXFIL mechanic before switching to AGS grenade launcher.
  • weapon builds system – ready as said in last status update
  • character customization – first person hands polishing. Everything other is done.
  • new content. added and balanced almost everything what we planned in 0.12
  • new trader and his quests. Quest polishing. Trader assortment is already done.
  • new bosses. Wood’s boss is ready. Milbase boss is almost ready.
  • 3rd person animations overhaul and optimization – polishing.
  • Adding new grass rendering with long (200+) draw distance with better performance than current grass
  • Added new explosion effects
  • And many many other changes and fixes
  • last mentioned BIG thing. Soon you will know.

EVERYTHING is getting covered. Every issue. Keep calm – this patch gonna be epic!

Love, peace.

BSG team

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