Fortbyte #23 Location – Found Between an RV Campsite, a Gas Station and a Monstrous Footprint

Another Fortnite challenge for the day, Fortbyte #23 is live

Hello there! It seems like you haven’t been bored of these challenges since you’re still lurking through each guide of ours. Well, having another challenge on our hands, we’ll be covering the location of the Fortbyte #23. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the exact location of Fortbyte #23, and collect it.

As the challenge says and requires, “Found between an RV campsite, Gas Station, and Monstrous Footprint,” we have to observe all three and find the middle. Unlike previous Fortbyte challenges, this one won’t require you to equip anything else but go to the exact location and collect the Fortbyte.

Well, below, you can take a look of the image on the map, showcasing the right positioning. It is highlighted with a triangle and circle, and we believe this is just the right spot. Fortnite Fortbyte #23 Map Location

Is it the exact spot, though? Let’s dive deeper and see where precisely that leads us to. It is just north of Neo Tilted and to get there is pretty simple.

Fortnite Fortbyte 23 close look

In the image above, you can see the exact location and overlook on Neo Tilted. It’s just under the tree. With this, we can conclude our guide as successful. Have a lovely weekend in Fortnite!

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