Fortbyte #34 Location Found between a Fork and Knife

Today's Fortbyte has an interesting location

Being at the end of the Season 9 Fortbyte challenges, we’ll have to deal with a couple of them more. With that being said, we’ll have to visit today’s Fortbyte challenge location and recover the corrupted data hidden behind Fortbyte #34. Hidden between a Fork and Knife, let’s jump and discover its hiding spot.

The location is simple to find, as the Fork and Knife viewable on the underlying map. They are next to each other, the fork and the knife, and they’re located just above Fatal Fields. More about their exact spot you can find in the picture below.

But, where exactly is the Fortbyte located? Is it on the ground level or you need to go down the slope into the underground? Well, indeed, you need to head down and break a couple of things to get to Fortbyte #34. Once you go under, you will notice a pile of the board covering an entrance.

Break it and enter the exact place, as it will focus you in the middle precisely between the Fork and the Knife. Once inside, the Fortbyte will be located in the middle of the area. You can still check the image below for further clarification.

With that being said, we can conclude our guide for today.

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