Fortbyte #37 Location – Found Inside a Disaster Bunker

Punching the end of the Fortbyte challenges

The end is emerging, and we’ll have to depart off of Fortnite’s Season 9 very soon. But first, we have to deal with the remaining challenges. Today’s Fortbyte challenge guides us to a disaster bunker in which Fortbyte #37 is hidden. Being at the end of the Fortbyte challenges puts us up to a challenge to finish them.

Honestly, we haven’t been dragged onto Pleasant Park in a very long time, and this Fortbyte finally requires us to go there. The bunker is located in one of the houses in the settlement. You cannot find which one? Worry not, we’re here to help you.

There are more bunkers in Fortnite, but not as this one. The shelter is located in the middle and far north in the settlement. Getting there is a piece of cake, and you can do it so just by gliding. This Fortnite challenge does not require any additional assets, which means you can glide there and recover it quickly.

To check the location of the house with disaster bunker in Pleasant Park, see the image below:

To further clarify its position, make sure you check the picture below, in which the architecture is showcased exactly as it is in-game.

Now that we know the look of the house, where is the bunker? To get to it, you will need to head downstairs. Bunkers are usually made in the basement with lots of resources in case of disaster. To get there, once entered, turn left and go through the wooden door.

Once passed, you will notice the staircase on the right side. Just under it, you will find a bunch of trash and boxes that are blocking the entrance. Just pickaxe them and get through the hole, which will lead you straight to the basement. Just remember, you could always hack your way through by breaking the main floor of the building.

Once you get there, you will notice a wall that needs to be destroyed. Check the image below:

That is precisely how the wall looks, and you can see the door through it. That’s the entrance to the disaster bunker. Once you destroy the wall and head inside the bunker, you will need to go to a room that looks as below. After entering the bunker, you can head straight ahead until you notice objects identical to the picture below:

With that being said, we’re ready to finish this guide. Hopefully, we have cut your struggles in finding Fortbyte #37 and unveiling another piece of the image.

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