Fortbyte #38 Location – The Final Fortbyte of the Series

Fortnite's last Fortbyte is accessible with the Vendetta outfit at the Northern Most Sky Platform

Today’s Fortbyte is in total the last Fortbyte of the series. Fortbyte #38 is accessible with the vendetta Outfit at the Northern Most Sky Platform, which is quite easy to find. Being addressed as rather easy than hard, the given hint is understandable and straightforward to follow.

Being set at the northernmost sky platform, that will lead us to only one spot on the island. That is being located just below Lazy Lagoon, which is highlighted in the image below.

To make it easier for yourselves, make sure you take a look at the image below without even trying to seek the northernmost sky platform by yourself.

However, this Fortbyte will be inaccessible unless you have the Vendetta Outfit available. It is a 100 tier Battle Pass Skin from this Season, so make sure you have it achieved before you go on a journey to acquiring the Fortbyte.

With all of this said, we can conclude this guide as successful. If you have anything suspicious or a thought to point out, please do it so in the comments section below. There’s nothing better but to departure off the Fortbyte challenges with a style. Have a nice Fortnite adventure in the future!

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