Fortbyte 5 Location, Accessible with the Laid Back Shuffle Emote inside a Dance Club

The Dance Club Challenges are the best

Fortnite is here with yet another Fortbyte for the day. Today’s Fortbyte is #5, and we’ll have to find the corrupted data according to the given hint in the challenge. As it states “Accessible by using the Laid Back Shuffle emote inside a Dance Club.” That means we’ll have to rush our way through towards the club, and there’s one of a kind on the island.

However, the Dance Club is not representing a solid drop spot and has become probably the most avoided spot, simply because of its loud music. It is hard to hear opponents, and given the fact this challenge requires us to go there, only God knows what will happen. Let’s see where exactly is the Dance Club located.

Fortnite #5 – Dance Club Location

No matter if everyone believes Fortnite is a childish video game, it was always driving a mature audience as well. These kinds of iconic placements on the map surely add up to the factor that Fortnite is a Battle Royale game for everyone.

Now, let’s see where exactly Fortbyte #5 is located. In the image of the map below, the location of the Dance Club (one of the oldest buildings that remained untouched over the past few seasons) is highlighted.

To take a closer look at the building, you can check the image below.

Once you get inside of the building marked on the map above, go in the middle of the Dance Floor. That’s exactly where the Fortbyte will be located. To unlock and collect it you will need to use the Laid Back Shuffle emote, which is a dance emote.

Then, the Fortbyte #5 will become accessible so that you could collect it and uncover another picture of the corrupted data.

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