Fortbyte #75 Location, found within an airport hangar

The Fortbyte challenges are still ongoing and have been a significant part of this Fortnite Season. Season 9 has introduced us to many new items, weapons, map changes, and more, as it is proven to be one of the best. As Fortnite evolution progresses throughout each season, we still have to take care of the remaining Fortbyte Challenges in Fortnite. Today’s Fortbyte is #75, so let’s see where exactly is located.

Fortbyte #75 asks the players to visit an airport hanger and knowing there are not many of those across the map, that takes us to only one position on the map. That would be Frosty Flights, in which two airport hangars could be found. But, where’s the Fortbyte #75 exact location and what’s its precise bearing. Worry not, as we’re about to discover that in the images below.

First of all, take a look at the map image, in which the location of the Fortbyte is highlighted.

Fortbyte #75 Location

Now that you know its bearing let’s take a look of where exactly and in which hanger the Fortbyte #75 can be found. Check the two images below, clarifying the exact location of today’s Fortbyte.

The hangar on the right in the picture above hides today’s Fortbyte #75. As you’re watching their main entrances, once entered the hangar, make sure you go to the far right corner. There’s a rafter. The Fortbyte #75 is on the ground level, or more precisely just under the beam. For a better explanation, check the image below:

With that being said, we can conclude this guide as successful. Hopefully, this guide will cut your struggles. Have a nice day!

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