Fortnite: “Stranger Things” Dark Portal Appeared in Mega Mall

Another Live Event on the verge?

It appears that Fortnite is before the emergence of another live event, and the first indicators started looking across the island. From what was first noticed, a Stranger Things portal has appeared in Fortnite, more precisely in the Mega Mall.

Some people have already managed to walk through it and find their destined path. At first encounter, you’ll probably believe that the portal sounds quite devastating and infuses a bit of fear among players.

But, how is this portal going to relate to the upcoming Live Event in Fortnite? We know that almost to the end of Season 9, and therefore, a Live Event is inevitable. It is how Epic Games loves to usually end a Season with a modern approach to the new one.

Hypex, a known data miner has had the chance to discover the Portal and even walk through it, but also record its sounding.

Even if other Battle Royale video games tend to add more maps as a vital choice for the players to kill the boredom, Fortnite’s map has remained the same. It just kept evolving.

After hundreds of map changes and more, there are lots of rumors that Fortnite will receive a new map, without certainty if the current one remains in the game. Assuming that Fortnite will follow the trends of the other Battle Royale video games, a new map will genuinely be born so that players could easily stray from the “already nostalgic one.”

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen what will happen during the coming period.

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