Fortnite v9.40 will bring a new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

A free and unobstructed vision caused by storm's barrier

In Fortnite, when the storm closes in, it causes some obstruction in the eyesight. The barrier that marks the boundary causes this, and usually, players are having a rough time seeing through it. Well, that will no longer be a problem as there will be a weapon that probably counters that.

A Storm Scout Sniper is coming to Fortnite. First discovered with the arrival of patch 9.40, data miners have discovered the look of the upcoming Storm Scout Sniper. It will probably serve to grant a clear and undistorted vision when watching through the Storm’s barrier.

The Sniper Scout Rifle will come in two different variations, and that is Epic and Legendary. Its damage is still unknown, and it is not sure if it will be a one-shot headshot rifle. However, we’ll have to discover its impact on the game when it first releases.

Its shape is quite modern, and at first look, it seems devastating. This rifle doesn’t have a suppressor attachment, but a muzzle brake.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming sniper rifle in Fortnite? Do you believe it has everything it takes to overtake the position of the vaulted Suppressed Sniper Rifle?

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