Fortnite: Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle – Locations

You thought we'd miss this one? Nope!

Another Fortnite challenge has arisen that requires our attention. We know some of the players are still new and they are not that familiar with the Fortnite island, so it is time to jump in and decipher the “Visit a solar array in the snow, desert and the jungle.”

First, as always, let’s kick off with their location on the minimap. The solar panels are not hard to notice once gliding, simply because an array of them is enormous. Once flying above the marked locations on the small image of the map below, you will be able to notice their existence.

Fortnite Array Solar Panels Challenge Season 9

Knowing it’s an array of solar panels, there will be more than just one. They are spread across the whole map. One can be found in the tropical area on the map, another one in the snow area, the last can be found in the desert, or more precisely in between the John Wick’s house and Paradise Palms.

Now that you know all of their locations, you can start doing the challenge efficiently. Keep in mind that they’re easy to notice once gliding in the marked areas. You can either begin three games in a row and solely jump onto the designated locations or grab a transport vehicle and visit all of the three at the same time.

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