Fortnite World Cup Finals Creative Day One Standings

Even if it's just a warmup, it's still kinda serious

The Fortnite World Cup has already begun with its creative warmup game modes, including 32 streamers and qualifiers spread among 8 to entertain the public, but also win themselves a fair share of the prize pool. Throughout each creative game mode, the participants will need to adopt a different approach on every of the given sets, and some of them are world premiers, which means, never introduced before.

Below you can find the full list of game sets including the team performance in them. It is quite refreshing to see this kind of exhibition games within Fortnite, and we’re really looking forward to them. Sadly, at the time of writing of this article, Ninja’s team is still falling behind, but does it have the endurance for getting back amongst the top teams?

Below you can find the Day 1 standings of the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

First Set: Sky Station Showdown

1stFunky Fighters$100,000
2ndLlama Records CO.$85,000
3rdRaven’s Revenge$75,000
4thCuddle Crew$55,000
5thLil Whip Warriors$55,000
6thFish Fam$50,000
7thSunshine Soldiers$50,000
8thChicken Champions$40,000

Second Set: Junkyard Juke

1stChicken Champions$130,000
2ndLil Whip Warriors$80,000
3rdLlama Records CO.$75,000
4thFunky Fighters$65,000
5thCuddle Crew$50,000
6thRaven’s Revenge$40,000
7thFish Fam$40,000
8thSunshine Soldiers$30,000

Third Set: World Run

1stFish Fam$110,000
2ndRaven’s Revenge$110,000
3rdSunshine Soldiers$95,000
4thFunky Fighters$65,000
5thCuddle Crew$40,000
6thLlama Records CO.$30,000
7thLil Whip Warriors$30,000
8thChicken Champions$30,000

4th Set – Golden Games (Sky Hunt Showdown, Junkyard Juke, World Run) Currently Ongoing…

1stFish Fam$1,345,000
2ndRaven’s Revenge$345,000
3rdFish Fam$315,000
4thChicken Champions$295,000
5thCuddle Crew$270,000
6thLil Whip Warriors$250,000
7thLlama Records CO.$235,000
8thSunshine Soldiers$195,000

Fish Fam Wins the golden and overall Fortnite World Cup Creative Tournament. Congrats to them!


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