Fortnite’s Final Showdown event is almost here, Arena Matchmaking Disabled

Are you excited for today’s event in Fortnite? Rarely there is someone who’s not looking forward to these live events organized by Epic Games. Well, today’s one is almost here, as we’re just 30 minutes away. But, before its beginning, Epic Games has decided to stop the Arena matchmaking.

This will most likely cause some issues, or, they want all the players involved in the event. No one knows what would exactly happen during the activity, but what everyone expects is that the Mech and the Monster will jump in a fight.

But, will they resolve anything by throwing punches at each other remains unknown. Due to strong encryptions in recent updates, data miners were unable to find more details, so that everyone would have to witness for themselves.

Seemingly, the monster, allegedly, is here to destroy the whole planet and the Mecha is here to stop it. With no further arguments, we’re ready! We’ll post a complete video of the entire event, so stay tuned for more!

If you’d love to find out more about the possibilities emerging throughout the event, you can check this link.

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