Fortnite’s Fishstick Skin is getting a new style with v9.40

The most funny skin is getting another refurbished look

Customizable choices that were first discovered by Epic Games quite a while ago have been an excellent standpoint for all the Fortnite players. Throughout an array of customizable styles for each skin, players can delve into more details and designate their best skin look. That’s also what separates players from others, and having the most unique or OG skin makes you scary. It’s not a belief; it’s how it works in Fortnite.

Well, with today’s patch, there has been a brand new skin, or rather, a unique, customizable style for one of the most surprising skins up to date. Yes, the Fishstick skin, the most favorite skin of one of the best Fortnite players, benjyfishy.

In a recent datamine, Hypex has discovered that the Fishstick skin is getting yet another style. It looks quite amazing, and after the VR style, this will act quite as refreshing to all of the consumers. You can find the new style in a tweet made by him, below:

What do you think about the new and modish style? Do you think it deserves attention, or it’s yet another overwhelming part of this patch?

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