G2A to Pay Devs 10x the Money Proven to be Lost on Chargebacks

The global marketplace in gaming products G2A announced on their official website that they will pay developers 10x the money they lost on chargebacks only if the developers prove that actually happened on their stores.

G2A is very serious about this matter and explained thoroughly how their system works, their business model, about the stolen cards issue and more, and made an enormous post on their official website.

This is pretty much everything you should know:

  • G2A is a marketplace that’s all about making the prices for gamers as low as possible.
  • G2A’s business model is the same as any other big, global marketplaces’ like Amazon or eBay, with all its ups and downs. And just like them, we always try to maximize the ups and minimize the downs. Not only because of the law, but also because the customers require certain standards, and because the competition would beat us if we stayed behind.
  • Out of all marketplaces, G2A offers the best benefits for copyright owners – G2A Direct. Nobody else gives developers a percentage cut of all sales on their games sold by someone else.
  • G2A, like most online businesses, uses automated marketing, so every product available on the marketplace can be shown based on what the user is interested in.
  • If any developer suspects there are keys on the marketplace that shouldn’t be there, there’s a quick and easy way to report it. All it takes is to contact us. If any key was illegally obtained, we’ll remove it, block the seller and provide their personal data to the proper authorities.
  • We are and always were open for discussion, but a real one, not empty accusations and catchy slogans.

It seems like buyers/players are not quite happy with G2A lately, as “G2A doesn’t consider fraud a real problem.”

The following video will give you more info, so we recommend watching it.

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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