Nyhrox and Aqua are the Fortnite World Cup Duo Champions

$3,000,000 go to the hands of "aqua" and "Nyhrox" for their exceptional performance

Fortnite World Cup Championship in Duos has just finished. We have, hands down, the most successful duo at this event. “Nyhrox” and “aqua” have managed to calm their excitement, stabilize their gameplay, and even after the lousy startup, they have managed to recover and settle down on a strong.

This team was also the only team to win 2 games back-to-back at this year’s Fortnite World Cup in Duos. This arguably puts the two Europeans at the most reliable spot of the competition. When it comes down to NA vs. EU, the title goes into the hands of the two EU players that have managed to leave the world shook after their exceptional performance.

However, the full recovery and overtake of the first position held by Zayt and Saf occurred in the very last match. In the very same matchup, aqua was the only survivor of the team, enduring to a stable top-15 placement which granted them the necessary points to secure the top spot.

Take a look at the final footage as well as the presentation of this year’s Fortnite World Cup Champion in Duos.

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