UPDATE Shiny Rates Analysis by TSR Pokemon Go New Shiny Pokemon Added

So many Shiny Pokemon to Catch

Update July 27, 2019: The team at TSR made an analysis regarding the shiny rates of the new shiny Pokemon introduced in the game (you can find them below) and here is what they’ve discovered:

  • Ekans: 37 shiny out of 13,018 encounters or 1 in 450
  • Koffing: 65 shiny out of 24,902 encounters or 1 in 450
  • Sneasel: 13 shiny out of 1,588 encounters, boosted shiny rate 1 in 150
  • Zubat: 3 shiny out of 844 encounters

They are still gathering info, so make sure to visit the official TSR Reddit to find out more.

Previous Story July 26, 2019: Trainers, new shiny Pokemon can now be found in the wild, and as reported by the Pokemon Go community, there are nine new shiny forms currently available.

With the launch of Team Go Rocket and Shadow Pokemon in the game, Niantic and Pokemon Go also introduced nine new shiny forms which are currently available to catch in the wild.

The new shiny forms are pretty cool and they will be pretty good additions to your shiny dex and you can find the list below, including Normal and Shiny comparison.

Normal/Shiny Ekans and Normal/Shiny Arbok Poison Type Pokemon Comparison

Normal/Shiny Koffing and Normal/Shiny Weezing Poison Type Pokemon Comparison

Normal/Shiny Sneasel and Normal/Shiny Weavile Dark, Ice Type Pokemon Comparison

Normal/Shiny Zubat, Normal/Shin Golbat, and Normal/Shiny Crobat Poison, Flying Type Pokemon Comparison

The list of Shiny Pokemon is getting bigger and there are more than 270 Shiny Pokemon currently available in the game.

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