Rumor: Sony to acquire Remedy Entertainment

Sony is in the chase, who else is a target?

Even if Remedy Entertainment decides to give up on their recent obligation and the possibility to publish games on Xbox, then this could become a reality. Now that Google Stadia is joining the gaming industry, it will be all about the content, correctly what Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony stated.

There isn’t anything else as important as the content offered by the platforms. Xbox, Google Stadia, PlayStation, it all comes down to who will bring the most joy on the TV screens. Especially now when the PS5 has a release deadline in 2020. It doesn’t ruin any expectation to see Microsoft and Sony bid high for a new acquisition that could enrich their exclusive lineups.

That’s what the industry has grown into, and it will grow into a massive competition in the next two years. Acquiring more game developers could be an ace in the sleeve, and Remedy Entertainment is not too shabby when it comes to developing, as they have done exceptional work on a couple of their titles.

Push Square has already stated that Sony considers Remedy Entertainment as an inherent part of their development studios lineup, that will strengthen the integrity of the upcoming games. Nevertheless, if Sony Bids for the acquisition of Remedy Entertainment, that would also explain why Shuhey Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide Studios had visited Remedy Entertainment.

Even if first considered as a rumor, after listening to the stories, it makes sense why Sony would love to acquire development studio such as Remedy Entertainment. All of the evidence proves that Sony is interested in Remedy Entertainment, and will most probably make a move for it.

However, we’ll have to wait and see the final outcome from all of this. Will Sony give anything to acquire a studio that tirelessly works on its narrative-driven video games and stories? Sure do, but let’s take a breather until the truth is revealed.

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